FLC-100 Magnetic Field Sensor FLC-100 sensor is a powerful sensor for measuring the Earth's magnetic field or detecting magnetic objects at a distance.

This sensor is originally made in Russia and is completely standard in terms of manufacturing quality and sensitivity.

FLC 100 Sensor

The Russian-made FLC100 sensor is a small, high-precision FluxGate sensor for measuring magnetic fields (magnetometers) in the measuring range of -100 to +100 microns. This sensor can be used in situations where the sensitivity and stability of magnetic sensor sensors are very low. One of the best applications of the Russian-made FLC 100 sensor is to measure the Earth’s magnetic field or detect magnetic objects at a distance.

Application of FLC 100 Sensor

Measurement of the Earth’s magnetic field
Detection of ferromagnetic metals at great distances
Power line field detection
Flow measurement
Rangefinder sensor
Vehicle detection and traffic control
Detection of mines and metals
Detection of underground cavities
Earth Compass
Magnetic Signature
Airport gates
Safe food line

Specifications of FLC 100 Sensor

Diagnosis range: 100% microtesla
Accuracy at 20 ° C: 0.3 Micro Tesla
Working temperature: minus 40 to 85 degrees Celsius
Bandwidth: 0 to 1 kHz
Constant output impedance: less than 1 ohm
Maximum load: greater than 1 kOhm, supply voltage 5 volts
Current consumption: 2 mA
Coil length: 22 mm

Features of FLC 100 Sensor

The output voltage is proportional to the earth’s magnetic field
Very low noise and very high stability
Output Signal (Analog) (Output Signal)
Low costs
5V (5V) power supply
Current consumption only 2 mA (2MAh)
Temperature range from minus 40 to 85 degrees Celsius (40 – = +85)
Dimensions 44.5mm x 14mm x 5.5mm

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Original Russian Sensor

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